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Endodontist in Las Vegas and Henderson

Need an endodontist in Henderson or Las Vegas? Dr. Brian Haymore D.D.S. is a dentist specialized in endodontic procedures.
If you have tooth pain, need a root canal, or endodontic surgery, look no further. We offer emergency appointments and dental financing too! Visit the office of our specialist in Las Vegas and Henderson today. Get the smile you deserve!

Advantages of Seeing an Endodontist

Endodontists are specially trained in all aspects of Endodontics including root canals, microscopic procedures, surgeries, and the latest technology all aspects of endodontics. All of these items help treat their patient more efficiently and comfortably.



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Endodontic Dentist in Las Vegas and Henderson
About Our Endodontist in Las Vegas and Henderson

Dr. Haymore is an endodontist in the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada area. He has been a D.D.S. for over 18 years after graduating from BYU and University of Arizona. Serving in this area for 14 years, he ranks amongst the best endodontists in Las Vegas.

His Henderson dentist office is quiet, comfortable, and fitted with state of the art equipment to ensure you receive the best dental treatment available at a low price! No other dentist in Las Vegas or Henderson will give you the same level of service and treatment.


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