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Root Canal in Las Vegas

Dr. Brian Haymore an endodontist specializing root canals for Las Vegas. If you have tooth pain, you may need root canal therapy.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal Therapy, also called Endodontic Therapy, is a very common procedure that is no more invasive than having a filling placed.
In addition, the procedure is completely painless.

A root canal is the natural cavity in the center of the tooth. It contains a soft area called the pump or pulp chamber.
The tooth’s nerves are inside the root canal, which help growth and provide the cold and hot sensations.
An infection will not affect the daily functioning of the tooth, but not treating it can lead to health problems. These issues can be significant in seniors and younger children.

During Root Canal Therapy, the endodontist removes the nerve and pulp from the inside of the tooth, which is then cleaned and sealed. This helps repair and save the tooth from the infection in the nerve. The tooth is sealed with Gutta Percha, a rubber substance that is melted into the root canal- protecting the tooth from bacteria.  From there, a temporary filling is placed in your tooth to protect it from bacteria and decay until you return to your dentist.

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What Happens if I don’t get Root Canal Therapy?

Without root canal therapy treatment, bacteria will constantly enter your body through the nerve. The only way to stop this is through Root Canal Therapy or through extracting (removing) the tooth.

How do I know if I need Root Canal Therapy?

If you have tooth pain, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, or pressure, your tooth may have pulp damage, which requires root canal therapy from our endodontist in Las Vegas.
There are not always signs that show this damage, but it’s good to look for tooth discoloration, swelling, and tenderness in the surrounding gums.

If you have cracked teeth or traumatic injuries, you may also need root canal therapy.
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Removing Your Tooth Vs. Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy from our endodontist in Las Vegas is always a better solution than removing your tooth because a removed tooth:

  • causes problems in your adjacent teeth,
  • affects your bite
  • affects your health
  • affects your self-esteem
  • requires implants or bridges, which are expensive and invasive.

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